about me, Who’s that Girl?

Cassandra had been an apprentice and poetic famulus of several teachers. Gabriel Gartsios was the first teacher to show a technique of dictionaries that had been a basic tool for writing. Researcher in Arts Marianthi Chorianopoulou had learned her how to analyze ancient texts. Her prime thinking cap was formed at these years. Her teacher in German J.L. adviced her to work more her literature texts and it was right then that the idea was set up in Cassandra’s mind. She was apprentice of the theater writer D. Farmakis in Thessaloniki. Doctor and writer Kleanthis Grivas was the main person that helped her to go on as an independant mind and artist. She was an apprentice of actor Ilias Asproudis and an apprentice of John Karounis in modern dance. Later on, Cassandra was a poetry apprentice of the poet Tasoula Karageorgiou and translator/poet Kostas Koutsourelis. Also, she got support from poet Mary Megas. She was an apprentice of Barbara Alexandris in translation. Lately, was an apprentice of K.Karoubalos who was the first man to count the distance between earth and sun at early 60ties. Last, but not least,the olymbic champion in informatics K.K. had guided with important advice. Cassandra was inspired much from artists G.D & M.A. At the moment, demoiselle Cas-Cas is a poetry student of marvelous Ser Harris Vlavianos.

A life song for mademoiselle Cas-Cas:

Interviewing diehard Cas-Cas as a reactionist artist. Her moto:

 “Oh, Terror of Seagulls, arrest me!

As the craps & cops do to their mindcuffs.

Arrest me, Seagulls of my Terror,

in my glorious time of my birth.

In the glorious conception of art.

Artemis is my Goddess and

Cassandra my name,

my tight-lipped fate!”

All photos and videos are used only for benefits of Art itself. The writer was inspired and it’s physical continuity and extention to hers artwork. Artworks belong to Art and artworks can combine and complete each other.

You may use the texts after the writer’s written permission. All copyrights belong to the writer.

communication: kassandra_alogoskoufi (at) hotmail.com

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