Shoulder The Responsibilities!, Cassandra Alogoskoufi

I got the taxi with my staff packed in heavy loads. All days stored like bad-worn clothes. The taxi travelled me silently a way to the harbour. I jumbed out socked. Waited my way to the queue with other people till time came for me. I called the taxi to give me back my “lost days”. Taxi driver was mad. He answered better go to hell. You have left out of days. Now you are dead. I became spirit and I run into the ferry. The check control told me no entrance with no ticket. I called back again the taxi driver. He sent me again to hell. He told me that the last week he knew what “type” of person I am. I begged him for my days back. He promised to bring my days back and finally he brought my heavy luggage filled with stones. He told me: “Now you have a load to burden your shoulders”. “And you what burden you your selfdo you have?”. “The burden that I left you leave before I had ever loved you”. I entered the boat I saw all dead sea gulls waving wings like empty hands…

I raised my shoulders in surprise.
Feeling of light freedom came in time.


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